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Get Involved | The Addi and Cassi Fund - Niemann Pick Type C - Part 4

Thursday, December 2, 2021

ZERO Recipes Needed

November 16, 2007 by  
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Cholesterol, Niemann Pick Type CVegan Diet – No Animal Products We have eliminate virtually all cholesterol from Addi and Cassi’s diet, except for the occasional treats.  This includes meat, fish, chicken and all dairy products. While doctor’s don’t think diet plays a key role in NPC, we saw an immediate improvement in the twins’ stability within a week after starting a zero cholesterol diet.   While we are not advocating this diet, we have remained on this strict diet for over 1 year.  Today, Addi and Cassi eat soy, fruit, nuts or plant based foods but are taking Omega 3 fish oil which contains a small amount of cholesterol (10mls per day).   We understand DHA could be beneficial for progressive neurological diseases. Submit Recipes For Our Cookbook We decided we would create a section on our website and ask people to submit zero cholesterol  recipe ideas (or ideas for products that you love that don’t contain cholesterol).   Any creative idea is welcome.  We look forward to trying all your fabulous recipes.  Our dream is to compile a cookbook, which lists all the great zero cholesterol recipes submitted by people around the world with proceeds going to NPC research.   Help turn our dream into a reality by submitting a recipe today!  You can post ideas in the box below or email us.

CureCaps Volunteer List

November 15, 2007 by  
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Below is a list of our amazing CureCaps volunteers. Please join our cause today by emailing us.

Betty O’Connor, South San Francisco
June Heise, South San Francisco
Marlena Kien, Chester
Vi Kaupanger, Westwood
Peggy Van Wie, Auburn
Diane Crew, Elk Grove
Joyce Eriksson, Sacramento
Katarina Grabowsky, Sacramento
Sandra Neff, San Carlos
Judy Stogner, San Carlos
Lenore Sweet, Clayton
Eireann Schulenburg, Mountain View
Brigida Cortese, Montrose
Connie Christodulis, Los Gatos, constance_christodulis@yahoo.com
Janet Wasserman: wasserman_janet@yahoo.com
Shirley Mauricio, shirleym@1185design.com
Lisa Scott, lisaonvacation@hotmail.com
Sherif & Mereema Marmash, ray@arxnetworks.com

Cathy Stevens, Greenwood Village

Carol Chapman, Wakefield: cchaps225@verizon.net

Kathy Chapdelaine: kchapdelaine@carlsonwagonlit.com

Carol Eash, Omaha, vickithomas@tconl.com

New York
Barbara Danner, Rensselaer
Margaret Cipperley, Wynant Still

Elaine Walker,Reno, elaine@eawalker.com
Linda Kelley: llkylemore@charter.net
Diane Shulman: brickshus@aol.com
Brooke Graham, brooke94509@yahoo.com
Atie Blinn, Reno, 775-853-9208
Gert Perez, Reno
Appelonia Ornelas, Reno
Debbie Dezsi, Reno
Liz Terry, Sparks
Jennifer Dolder, Reno, mjdolder@aol.com
Margaret Clark

Abe’s Garden at Park Manor Retirement Community, mwomack@parkmanorapts.com

Marty Hughes: skymart46@hotmail.com

Eric Childress, Virginia Beach, kelticshadow@aol.com

Saratoga Prayer Knitters
Marvin Worden
Barbara Johnson

CureCaps – A Global Symbol Of Hope

November 11, 2007 by  
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CureCaps Keep Memory Alive

Volunteer To Make CureCaps – Hand in Hand We Will Find Cures For The Brain

In November 2007, we organized a grassroots effort called CureCaps and asked volunteers from around the world to help us fight deadly neurological diseases like Niemann Pick Type C by making hats to raise money for brain research. You can think of CureCaps as our “Pink Ribbon” — the hats are a symbol of hope for cures for brain diseases that impact millions of people. We hope that as word continues to spread about our CureCaps hat making effort to cure the brain, more volunteers will join our volunteer team.  Since the project started, we have collected over 3000 CureCaps! You can view pictures of the hats here.

The Story Behind CureCaps

A few days after hearing the news about our Niemann Pick Type C diagnosis and our fight against “Childhood Alzheimer’s,” our friend, Elaine Walker, dropped by our house with a few adorable handmade hats to cheer us up.  Elaine wanted to know if there was a way she could personally help raise money for research and accelerate finding a cure.  At that moment, a new idea was born. Let’s ask volunteers to help us make CureCaps to raise money for research into deadly brain disorders.

Made From the Heart to Cure the Brain

The one question everyone wants to know is if there is one pattern that should be followed when making CureCaps. As you can tell by the photos, the answer is “No.”  We want each CureCap to be a unique.  Our tagline is made “Made from the Heart to Cure the Brain.”  We want CureCaps to be designed for kids and adults — each hat represents hope for cures for the brain. Just send us hats — all shapes, sizes, colors and styles!


Where Do Donations Go?

All donations go to The Addi and Cassi Fund CureCaps project.  The goal of our project is to take the best hat designs made by volunteers, sell them and then recreate top designs. We plan to market the hats with proceeds going to fund collaborative brain research into neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, Autism, Fragile X and Niemann Pick Type C. Our goal is to fund our first collaborative brain research project in 2010.

Join Our Cause Today

If you are interested in joining our global fight to cure the brain, please email us. In addition, if know of a friend who knits, crochets or sews or if you are part of a club willing to donate time to our cause, please let us know. We look forward to our daily trip to our mailbox to receive CureCaps — made from the heart to cure the brain!

Send CureCaps To:

Ms. Addi & Cassi Hempel
14125 Saddlebow Drive
Reno, NV 89511
(775) 849-1924

Ways You Can Help

November 6, 2007 by  
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Make a Tax Free Donation – Go to our donations page to find out how to make a financial contribution today Find us a Corporate Sponsor for our 2009 Fundraiser Post a wish in our Million Wishes For A Cure guestbook Volunteer to make CureCaps or help find friends and family who can join or global hat making fundraising effort for the brain Spread our story by sending our YouTube videos and website to your friends, family and network of contacts who may be interested in helping join our fight against "Childhood Alzheimer’s" Send us your creative ideas on how we can spread the word more effectively or create fundraisers Volunteer Your Time – Time is as valuable as Money Donation a gift or a service for our silent auction in 2009 fu.   Email us your silent auction donation ideas Send us a Letter – We love going to our mailbox each day and reading mail Post a message on our Blog – We write about topics we’re facing with our illness and other interesting things that are happening in our lives.  What do you think? Send us Zero Cholesterol Recipes – We’re on a special diet and Need New Recipe Ideas Subscribe to our Newsletter by taking a moment to sign up.  We will periodically update you on our health Send us an email – We would love to hear from you Hold a Fundraiser at your school, church, home or office

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