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CureCaps Volunteer List

November 15, 2007 by  
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Below is a list of our amazing CureCaps volunteers. Please join our cause today by emailing us.

Betty O’Connor, South San Francisco
June Heise, South San Francisco
Marlena Kien, Chester
Vi Kaupanger, Westwood
Peggy Van Wie, Auburn
Diane Crew, Elk Grove
Joyce Eriksson, Sacramento
Katarina Grabowsky, Sacramento
Sandra Neff, San Carlos
Judy Stogner, San Carlos
Lenore Sweet, Clayton
Eireann Schulenburg, Mountain View
Brigida Cortese, Montrose
Connie Christodulis, Los Gatos,
Janet Wasserman:
Shirley Mauricio,
Lisa Scott,
Sherif & Mereema Marmash,

Cathy Stevens, Greenwood Village

Carol Chapman, Wakefield:

Kathy Chapdelaine:

Carol Eash, Omaha,

New York
Barbara Danner, Rensselaer
Margaret Cipperley, Wynant Still

Elaine Walker,Reno,
Linda Kelley:
Diane Shulman:
Brooke Graham,
Atie Blinn, Reno, 775-853-9208
Gert Perez, Reno
Appelonia Ornelas, Reno
Debbie Dezsi, Reno
Liz Terry, Sparks
Jennifer Dolder, Reno,
Margaret Clark

Abe’s Garden at Park Manor Retirement Community,

Marty Hughes:

Eric Childress, Virginia Beach,

Saratoga Prayer Knitters
Marvin Worden
Barbara Johnson


7 Responses to “CureCaps Volunteer List”
  1. Missy Miller says:

    Hi my name is Missy Miller and I live in Lafayette, Colorado. I would love to do whatever I can in my area to knit and collect chemo caps. I noticed there is someone about 1 hour South of me. You can reach me at or 303.731.9947.

    Thank you, Missy Miller

  2. Joyce Eriksson says:

    I saw your interview on the Doctor’s. Thank you for making it available to me. I have printed up the cure caps folder and will distribute it to our local yarn shops that, of course, teach knitting and crocheting. I’m sure they would love a project such as this. I was also pleased to see that it has grown and people from so many states have become involved. You and Hugh are remarkable in your efforts to find a cure for your beautiful little girls. You two are indeed the miracle that these girls have in their lives now. Bless you.

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