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ZERO Recipes Needed

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Cholesterol, Niemann Pick Type CVegan Diet – No Animal Products We have eliminate virtually all cholesterol from Addi and Cassi’s diet, except for the occasional treats.  This includes meat, fish, chicken and all dairy products. While doctor’s don’t think diet plays a key role in NPC, we saw an immediate improvement in the twins’ stability within a week after starting a zero cholesterol diet.   While we are not advocating this diet, we have remained on this strict diet for over 1 year.  Today, Addi and Cassi eat soy, fruit, nuts or plant based foods but are taking Omega 3 fish oil which contains a small amount of cholesterol (10mls per day).   We understand DHA could be beneficial for progressive neurological diseases. Submit Recipes For Our Cookbook We decided we would create a section on our website and ask people to submit zero cholesterol  recipe ideas (or ideas for products that you love that don’t contain cholesterol).   Any creative idea is welcome.  We look forward to trying all your fabulous recipes.  Our dream is to compile a cookbook, which lists all the great zero cholesterol recipes submitted by people around the world with proceeds going to NPC research.   Help turn our dream into a reality by submitting a recipe today!  You can post ideas in the box below or email us.


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  1. Annette Nickson says:

    Hi, I’m Annette, Heather’s Mom. I’m not a vegan, but I’ve had to learn to cook for Heather and her husband over the years. She’s written to ask me if I’d send you a vegan recipe you might use for your children. She lives in San Francisco, so when I visit I often eat Chinese food there. I developed a stir fry sauce recipe based on that that she and her husband really enjoyed. I make it ahead in bulk and then freeze it. Then, when I want to make stir-fried veggies, all I do is divide the vegetables up into 3 categories, hard (like carrots, onion, celery), medium (like cauliflower, broccoli or peppers), and soft (like bean sprouts, cabbage). I put s little oil in a wok or frying pan and add the hard vegetables until their color turns bright, then add the medium ones again till their color is bright, then the last batch. I pour the premade sauce over all and serve over rice or pan-fried noodles.

    To pan-fry noodles, I use cooked spaghetti doused with a little sesame oil and soy sauce. I heat up a little oil (I use peanut) in the frying pan, add the noodles and cook one side at a time, like hash browns, until they’re browned on both sides. I don’t stir them, just check underneath until they’re brown, then slide them out on a plate and invert back into the pan to cook on the other side.

    The sauce:

    1/3 cup cornstarch
    1/2 cup soy sauce
    2 tablespoons Chinese sherry
    1 teaspoon Chinese hot sauce
    1 teaspoon sesame oil
    1/4 cup ginger, finely chopped
    1/4 cup garlic, finely chopped

    Combine all ingredients in saucepan. Heat, stirring regularly, until thickened.

    I have recently followed Heather’s suggestion and bought several cookbooks from Amazon by Bryanna Clark Grogan. All are vegan cookbooks and there’s a low fat cookbook, a Chinese one, an Italian one, and one with 20-minute meals. While, she does use a number of unusual health food store ingredients, she has wonderful ideas as all, like cooking hash browns in a waffle iron, or stuffing bread dough with wonderful fillings (like pizza without cheese) and making turnovers that freeze well and can be served as full meals or snacks. I found them more satisfying than the pizza without melted cheese over the top. In her books she also gives suggestions for substituting many ingredients as well as brand names of mayonnaise, butter, etc. that are vegan. Here’s a link from Amazon, but you might also find these in a library:

    Well, good luck to you and your family. I have found cooking vegan to be the healthiest food I’ve ever made, somewhat challenging, but very satisfying. Annette

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