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2008 Boston Road Rally & Party

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Some very dear friends of Addi and Cassi’s in the Boston area have volunteered to host a fun Road Rally and Party to benefit The Addi and Cassi Fund.
WHEN: May 18, 2008 @ 2:30pm
WHERE:  Starting in Lynnfield MA (suburb north of Boston)
TICKETS: Purchase your tickets online Here

About the Road Rally We’ve designed a fun and challenging road rally that starts in Lynnfield and ends in Andover. We will give you clues to help you navigate through beautiful New England roads and answer questions along the way—kind of like a scavenger hunt. There will be a party at the end of the route where you can share your experiences with your fellow rallyers. If you choose not to enter the rally, you can still join us for the awards party at the end.
Charitable Contribution We are suggesting a minimum charitable contribution of $100 per car, or $50 per person for the awards party, with all proceeds going directly to the APMRF – Addi and Cassi Fund. This fund is 100% directed by the Hempel Family with input from the Scientific Advisory Board at the Parseghian Foundation.  The focus is to provide incremental funding to existing research efforts and to fund accelerated research in NPC and test emerging and experimental therapies that can have very near term impact to saving Addi and Cassi and other NP-C children. Map of Start and End Locations: View Larger Map Please plan to arrive at the starting location (3 Glen Dr Lynnfield, MA) by 2:30pm. We’ll have a short drivers meeting, and the first car will leave at 3pm. Cars will leave at 1-minute intervals thereafter.
Rain Date:
Since we moved the date to Sunday so that The Hempel’s can join us we are going to have this event rain or shine!
Your Hosts:
Stephen and Andrea Gondert Joe and Susyn Lichtenberg Bob McGill


Rooms/Lodging For May 10th Gala

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A block of rooms is reserved at a discounted rate at Circus Circus Hotel for our event.  Circus Circus is attached to The Eldorado and The Silver Legacy via indoor bridges.  These three hotels form a “complex” that is directly next door to the event site (new downtown Reno Ballroom) .  Circus Circus is currently offering rooms for Saturday Night ONLY (many hotels are require a 2 night minimum).

The discounted rates are:

North Tower Standards


Sky Tower Standards


NOTE: You can upgrade your room to a mini-suite for an additional $30/night on a first come first serve basis.

Please tell reservations that you are calling about group code: “IADDI”.  If they can not find the group code please let them know that you are part of the “Addi and Cassi Hempel Fund” Gala on May 10th.

Circus Circus Website

We recommend the following excellent alternative hotels in Reno:

Silver Legacy

Eldorado Hotel


Moonlight Garden Gala Fundraiser Committee

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Event Co-Chairpersons

Maria Muzea (H) 849-1603 (C) 843-3364
Nancy Stoltz (W) 784-9400X118 (C) 830-7789

Guest Speakers & Entertainment
Lisa Williams, Chair (H) 852-4671 (C) 925-212-8789
Chris Hempel (H) 849-1924
Hugh Hempel (H) 849-1924 (C) 338-4844

Sponsorship & Table Sales
Lisa Cybulski, Co-Chair (H) 849-1485
Lori McGarry, Co-Chair (W) 827-7293 (C) 225-1369
Monica Gore (H) 852-1608 (C) 742-1555
Clelie Arroyo (W) 722-8983
Ellie Lopez-Bowlan (H) 849-3855 (C) 846-2151
Jennifer Baker (C) 830-8691
Yvonne Murphy
Mary Pat Zahler (H) 831-8613
Toni Cassas (H) 825-2607
Lisa Gallaway (H) 229-4074 (C) 925-878-1362
Jack Beattie (H) 849-9040
Sandy Noack (C) 925-202-7992
Dani Canziani, Coordinator (W) 849-3091

Silent Auction
Annie Dunn, Co-Chair (H) 851-3440 (C) 527-2383
Debbie Barber (H)775-852-5973 (C)775-842-5290

Lisa Williams (H) 852-4671 (C) 925-212-8789
Kelle Venezia (H) 852-9462 (C) 415-342-1271
Denise West (H) 852-4416 (C) 223-0269
Andrea Knapp (W) 688-5724 (H) 813-4870
Elaine Walker (H) 851-3120
Justine Figurski (C) 848-1369
Jessie Perkins (H) 333-6777 (C) 219-7018
Mary Shipley (H) 971-9774 (C) 544-4459
Hilary Hewlett (H) 787-9395 (C) 848-9750
Marisa Randazzo (H) 424-6685 (C) 741-3314
Cara Hamm
Janet Beattie (H) 849-9040

Dani Canziani, Coordinator (W) 849-3091

Live Auction
Elaine Walker, Chair (H) 851-3120
Lisa Williams (H) 852-4671 (C) 925-212-8789
Hugh Hempel (H) 849-1924 (C) 338-4844

Marketing Materials
Amy Berry, Chair (W) 784-9400×102 (C) 338-1668
Andrea Knapp (W) 688-5724 (H) 813-4870
Jan Houston (W) 849-9444 (C) 250-5976
Susan Rowland (W) 850-1764

Event Planning & Logistics
Robin Brockelsby, Chair (W) 359-6733 (C) 690-5327
Dale Davis (H) 849-0689 (C) 745-6703
Jan Houston (W) 849-9444 (C) 250-5976
Erin Pieretti (W) 784-9400×106 (C) 771-9691
Felicia Griffin (W) 788-2131×113 (C) 315-4567
Carrie Carano
Teresa DiLoreto-Long (W) 359-3000 (C) 691-2770

Elaine Walker, Decorations (H) 851-3120
Donna Johnson, Decorations (H) 849-3021
Nancy Simmons, Decorations (H) 846-1656
Rita Sanford, Guest List/Invites (C) 376-0669
Christy Pappas, Event Program (H) 849-4165 (C) 224-7619

Montreux Golf Tournament
Loni Wolf, Chair (H) 853-7697
Jeannie Sewell (C) 287-0884
Lisa Reicken (C) 232-4969
Hugh Hempel (H) 849-1924 (C) 338-4844

Volunteers – Event Day Set/Strike
Robin Brockelsby (W) 359-6733 (C) 690-5327
Rita Sanford (C) 376-0669
Kristi Sprinkle (C) 771-0639
Kellie Labarry (C) 741-7029
(Recruit New Members)

Volunteers At Large:
Ann Rosevear
Dottie Molt
Liz Terry

Moonlight Garden Gala Invite

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The Addi and Cassi Fund Presents:
Moonlight Garden Gala
A benefit for Childhood Alzheimer’s (NP-C)

On Saturday, May 10, 2008, 1000 friends and family joined us for a sold out star-filled night at the new Downtown Reno Ballroom to help find a cure to “Childhood Alzheimer’s” (Niemann-Pick Type C), a rare, progressive and fatal neurological disease that is robbing children of all ages around the world of their ability to walk, talk, or even remember the name of their favorite stuffed animal.

The event was a mystical evening of hope, wonder and childhood dreams as we honored our four-year-old twins, Addi and Cassi Hempel, and children all over the world who suffer from Niemann Pick Tyep C.  Our guests will be treated to an elegant evening with a celebrity performance by Meilnda Doolittle and Terry Fator.  We held silent and live auctions, uplifting music in this enchanting atmosphere and transformed the ballroom into a beautiful moonlit garden, designed in the spirit of a child’s imagination, with tree-lined paths, twinkle lights, fireflies and a fountain of wishes.

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