Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Some of Our Favorite Pictures of Addi and Cassi


14 Responses to “Some of Our Favorite Pictures of Addi and Cassi”
  1. Amanda says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Hempel,

    The girls look so beautiful in all of these photos. I can see why they are your favorites. I enjoy having them in my class so much this year and am honored to care for your precious daughters. You did an incredible job with the fundraiser and I hope it was as successful as you had hoped. This disease has put you in the position to test all of your resolves of hope and determination and the girls are incredibly lucky to have you as their parents. I am thankful every day for my own daughters and their health and do not take it for granted one bit. The difficulties you and the girls face each day are encountered with grace, wisdom, hope, and love, and no matter what, the effects you have all had on others’ lives cannot be measured. Take Care,

  2. Tara Ryan says:

    Hello! I just seen the show ‘Doctors’ when you were on on television here in Ireland. I just think what you are doing is amazing and Addison and Cassidy are absolutely gorgeous little women. Its fantastic how you are sharing your story and creating awareness. God Bless your wonderful family.
    The girls are in our players

    Le GrĂ¡ (with love in Irish)

    Tara Ryan, Co. Meath, IRE

  3. amanda henderson says:

    hi i saw your familys story on dateline one night just flippin through the channels and until your story was completely told my husband just sat there with no words. i have an older sister, kelly, who passed away when she was 6.5 months old. the doctors told my parents at that time that it was just one of those freak things that just happen sometimes and it would probally never happen again. 2 years later i was here and healthy and i had a younger brother and sister who were twins. at 18 months old the doctors diagnosed dana with niemann-pick and also said that was also what was wrong with my older sister who had already passed. dana passed away 3 weeks before her 23 birthday, which has been 5 years now. i had never seen anything on tv before about this disease and much less from something so huge as dateline. i thought it was wonderful. i was extremely touched by your familys story. i just wanted you to know that sometimes you as a family member of someone who has something so serious you have to take matters into your own hands. i am proud that you were able to find something that may help your children and also maybe many others with niemann-pick. i makes me feel better to know that maybe one day children with n.p. may no longer be referred to as having something fatal.i wish the girls lots of love and for you and your husband never lose hope and always focus on the positive and good which after seeing the pics you have a lot of that and no matter what that will be with you always, and no disease will ever take that away from you. i would love to get updates of how the girls are doing and my prayers are with you always. sincerely amanda henderson

  4. Lulu says:

    Hi!!I am so touch with this beautiful little girls…They are sooo beautiful…Thank you so much for sharing your history I never heard about this disease before and I am so glad you are doing all this I really admire you and I will be praying for this 2 sweet girls

    Let’s hope that this new treatment works…I love the pic where they have that “perfect pair” shirt I took care twin girls too and they had the same shirt They look sooo cute…

    Lots of LOVE and prayers….
    Lulu Mogollon

  5. Esther Gallegos says:

    Addi and Cassi are two beautiful little girls! Thank you very much for sharing their story. I truly admire you for all that you are doing for your daughters.

    Best regards,

    Esther Gallegos


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