Thursday, April 18, 2024


7 Responses to “CureCaps”
  1. Do the hats have to be knitted? Can they be sewn as well?

  2. Piyaphan Attagara says:

    I watched the TV show : the doctors” so i checked this website out. I coudl knit aht ( i am not expert) but simple hat i can. However, I am in Thailand, don’t know how to help. What i can do is knitting hats and can ask my friend who visit thailand and let them mail to you? to sell???? PLease give me address or any info i should know.

  3. Linda Lopez says:


    I have twins 6 months old they are identicals and I really hope we can find cure for that fatal disease for all of the children that can be affected unespectly.
    I will pray faor your beautiful kids and we have to fight all together.

  4. Morgan says:

    These are great christmas gifts! Fashionable, warm and pratical!! Its a double gift! What a way to make a global difference!!


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