Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Full Resolution Videos for Download

The following are links to the various videos that we have created.  These files are quite large and not suitable for download on a dial-up connection.  We are providing these videos for the purposes of sharing them in educational and awareness building situations.  We request that these videos are not posted elsewhere on the Internet.  We prefer that you link to our video page instead:

NOTE: Please “right-click” on the links below and choose “save link as” to download the file.  Otherwise, your browser will probably launch a video viewing application.

“Kaitlyn Maher PSA for Evening of Stars”:

“A Mother’s Quest – Dateline NBC Story 2009”: (214MB)

“Cyclodextrin Infusion Processes (B-roll)”: Begin B-Roll.wmv (148MB)

“Dare to Dream”: (54MB)

“Cassi Does Twinkle Bellybutton”:

“Slide Montage of first 16 months”: (21MB)

Twins Are Born (video of stills from NICU) (2.1MB)

“Great Nursery Rhyme Bathtub Clip”:

Clips with Good Sounds for OverDub”:

“First Birthday Video Highlights” (with music): (635MB)

“Vlog of our trip to Detriot for the Brain Scans”:

“First Birthday B-Roll”: (307MB)

“Twins Story”:

“Kevin Eadie”: (182MB)

“Good Morning America 2008”: (212MB)

“Good Morning America April 2009”: (36MB)

“The Doctors”: (265MB)

“ReThink IT”: IT 2.wmv (38MB)

“Addi & Cassi Christmas 2008”: 2008 Video.wmv (36MB)

“World Rare Disease Day Promo”: (38MB)

“Kayla Hadley in CycloBackPack”: (9MB)

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