Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Make A Wish For Addi and Cassi Today


Your support and encouragement helps us get through each day as we fight our battle against Niemann Pick Type C, the “Childhood Alzheimer’s.”  We read all messages posted to our family and while we may not be able to respond to each message, your messages are very touching.  Thank you to everyone around the world who has posted on our Wishes Board.


1,750 Responses to “Make A Wish For Addi and Cassi Today”
  1. Brynn gallaway says:

    Dear addi and cassi, we think of you all the time. we can’t wait to see you soon

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  3. Prasee says:

    Dear Chris and Hugh,
    Watching your story brought me tears. My son has special needs and reading your story really brought me strength and courage. Addie and Cassie are super adorable and you are the best parents they can get. I pray for your continuous strength to help Cassie and Addie. You are a true inspiration to parents like us. I love your blog and will keep following it.

  4. Tim Cottle says:

    I just watched the CNN special on your family and it reminded me of mine because in the 70s I had two brothers and one younger sister that had Niemann Pick they lived into there mid to late teens and I deeply miss them. I am so excited to hear about your research and the hope you are bringing to so many.

  5. Amy says:

    I wish for a cure. I wish I could win the lottery because ALL of it would go towards finding that cure. And fast. I must of said about 5 prayers at my desk here at work after reading your story online. I am a mother of 3 year old twin boys. You are the epitome of true, unconditional love. God Bless you and your gorgeous girls.

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