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You can help support Addi and Cassi and children all around the world in their fight against Niemann Pick Type C, the “Childhood Alzheimer’s,” by making a financial donation to The Addi and Cassi Fund.

The Addi and Cassi Fund is a “donor directed” fund specifically established for Niemann Pick Type C research that exists within a 501(c)(3) non profit organization called The Hide and Seek Foundation For Lysosomal Disease Research.

The Addi and Cassi Fund is 100% directed by The Hempel Family with input from other parents who have children suffering from NPC. Our focus will be to fund therapies that can have very near term impact to saving the lives of NPC children.

Donations made to The Hide and Seek Foundation – The Addi and Cassi Fund are tax deductible within the IRS guidelines for non-profits.  Consult your tax accountant if you have any questions.  We will provide regular updates on our website as to how donations are being put to use.  Please make sure to subscribe to our website mailing list so that you can be notified of our progress.

Donate Online using your credit card:
You can make an online donation.


Donate by mail:
Checks payable to:

“Hide & Seek Foundation”
For The Addi and Cassi Fund

6475 East Pacific Coast Highway
Suite 466
Long Beach, CA 90803

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