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Cyclodextrins – Recipes To Make Edible Nanostructures and CD MOFs To LifeSaving Drug Treatments

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Kenneth Chang of the New York Times reports on researchers creating edible nanostructures with gamma cyclodextrin which researchers are calling edible CD MOF (metal-organic frameworks). Of course, another amazing discovery with cyclodextrin that was found by accident!

Potential applications with this gamma cyclodextrin (CD MOF) could include storing hydrogen in future fuel cells in cars. Interestingly, the article mentioned “drug delivery” which I am already working on with hydroxy propel beta cyclodextrin (Trappsol brand). I wonder if HPBCD could be turned into nanoparticles and cross the blood brain barrier? I wonder if this new gamma cyclodextrin nanoparticle crosses the blood brain barrier?

One of the articles quotes a researcher who made the discovery as saying, “With our accidental discovery, chemistry in the kitchen has taken on a whole new meaning!”  This statement is something I can relate to as I’ve mixed up cyclodextrin into juice and with curcumin to try and get better absorption.

The article also gives a ‘recipe” on how to make edible cyclodextrin nanostructures which I found interesting. We have our own cyclodextin recipe that I am hoping the United States Food and Drug Administration will approve within the next few weeks.  Our doctor is trying to use cyclodextrin to save the lives of my identical twin six year old girls who suffer from Niemann Pick Type C, a rare and fatal genetic cholesterol disease that causes dementia in children.

When cyclodextrin is given intrathecally into cats and mice suffering from Niemann Pick Type C disease, hydroxy propel beta cyclodextrin arrests the neurological progression of the disease! When was the last time you heard of a compound or drug arresting the neurological progression of a disease like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or ALS?

Here is the simple recipe we have proposed to the FDA:

Cyclodextrin To Stop Brain Neurodegeneration In Fatal Cholesterol Disorder

1. Dissolve 175 mg of hydroxy propel beta cyclodextrin (Trappsol brand) into 6 ml sterile saline

2. Put into sterile tube

3.  Inject via lumbar puncture into central nervous system

4. Repeat with dose escalations by adding 17.5 mg of HPBCD every two weeks until concentrations of 5 mM are achieved

5. Test central spinal fluid for reductions in A-beta levels, total T-Tau levels and other biomarkers such as the oxysterol called 7 ketocholesterol

6. Conduct neurological assessments on twins to see if speech returns, seizures and gelastic cataplexy reduce, etc.

7. For complete FDA filing with full instructions, contact me:


3 Responses to “Cyclodextrins – Recipes To Make Edible Nanostructures and CD MOFs To LifeSaving Drug Treatments”
  1. Nathan Fryer says:

    Hi it seems y’all know a lot about Beta-cyclodextrin. If I were to buy some of the trappsol Cyclo powder and mix it with a 30ml saline solution for subcutaneous injection. What ratio should I start off at. I suffer from very high cholesterol at the age of 37 I’ve already had one bypass surgery for my main arterty and have more on the way, and I haven’t found a statin yet that doesn’t destroy my muscle tissue. Any help is GREATLY appriciated!

    • Cindy says:

      Your daughters are beautiful. so glad you were able to find such a great way to help them. From what I can see of this Cyclodextrin does it have a lot of Os and Hs in the formula as in Hydroxyl – read free radical damage here. Was that some kind of other problem because it doesn’t go past the stomach?

      Just curious and we continue to hold hope for your children –

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