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ZERO Recipes Needed

November 16, 2007 by  
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Cholesterol, Niemann Pick Type CVegan Diet – No Animal Products We have eliminate virtually all cholesterol from Addi and Cassi’s diet, except for the occasional treats.  This includes meat, fish, chicken and all dairy products. While doctor’s don’t think diet plays a key role in NPC, we saw an immediate improvement in the twins’ stability within a week after starting a zero cholesterol diet.   While we are not advocating this diet, we have remained on this strict diet for over 1 year.  Today, Addi and Cassi eat soy, fruit, nuts or plant based foods but are taking Omega 3 fish oil which contains a small amount of cholesterol (10mls per day).   We understand DHA could be beneficial for progressive neurological diseases. Submit Recipes For Our Cookbook We decided we would create a section on our website and ask people to submit zero cholesterol  recipe ideas (or ideas for products that you love that don’t contain cholesterol).   Any creative idea is welcome.  We look forward to trying all your fabulous recipes.  Our dream is to compile a cookbook, which lists all the great zero cholesterol recipes submitted by people around the world with proceeds going to NPC research.   Help turn our dream into a reality by submitting a recipe today!  You can post ideas in the box below or email us.

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