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Scientific Research Papers For Niemann Pick Type C

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The Complex Gene Scientists Are Studying Niemann Pick Type C1 – Chromosome 18q11-q12

Niemann Pick Type C Gene

UT Southwestern – Brown & Goldstein Lab

UT Southwestern –  Dr. John Dietschy Lab

Einstein University – Dr. Steven Walkley Lab

Washington University St. Louis: Dr. Daniel Ory Lab

Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Center- Dr. Mark Walterfang Lab

Oxford University-  Dr. Fran Platt Lab

Stanford University – Dr. Matt Scott Lab

Mt. Sinai – Dr. Yiannis Ioannou Lab

Cornell University – Dr. Fred Maxwell Lab

University of Pennsylvania – Dr. Charles Vite Lab (researchers Niemann Pick Type C Cats)

University of Geneva: Greunberg Lab

Dr. Peter Penchev Papers


University of Arizona

University of Alberta – Dr. Jean Vance Lab

Mayo Clinic – Dr. Marc C. Patterson Papers

Imaging Papers

General NPC Papers

Alzheimer’s Papers

Other NPC Papers of Significance:

Niemann Pick Type C gene and relationship to viruses (HIV, Ebola, RSV, etc)

Cyclodextrin Papers